New in Edinburg, TX!
Unique A
rtisan Pizza
  • Sicilian pan-oil baked: fluffy w/ golden bottom
  • Neapolitan pizzas have a soft-crunchy crust 
  • Create your pizza with a variety of toppings! 


Traditional Sicilian

Grated cheese, w/ marinara anchovy sauce


Fresh mozzarella and basil bliss

Twist Siciliano

Pepperoni and Italian sausage

Lovin' From The Oven

Heart shaped pizzas

Half & Half (Mezzo e Mezzo)

Your wish is our command

The Mac is Back

Mac 'n cheese... carb loading to the max!

Feta is Betta

Greek kalamata olives w/feta cheese. Opa!

Going Green

Pesto base w/choice of delicious toppings

Breakfast Anyone?

What would you like w/your scrambled eggs?

Dad, Grandma Angelina, and me

Please pre-order 18 hrs in advance

Pick-up or delivery within 3-miles