For Background Checks & Financial Lending

Social Security Administration's
Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV)

Set-up in < 1-Business Day
Best Price Guarantee

CBSV permissible for...

  • Any Background check purpose
  • Strengthening due diligence
  • Reducing unauthorized Applicants
  • Minimizing losses and bad hires

CBSV matches...  

  • With direct access to SSA Master File
  • Name, SSN, DOB, and Death Indicator
  • With instant Results from SSA
  • And protects vital business interests by mitigating fraud and ID theft

CBSV is...

  • "The Superlative Personal Identifier Validation Methodology"™ 
  • Industry Standard Best Practice for validation of personal identifiers
  • Audited by QA and sent to SSA

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