Consent Based SSN Verification & eCBSV

If you don't use CBSV, you're allowing unauthorized applicants into your system. 
SSN Trace and credit header data is faulty.
Ensure each applicant is who they claim to be with CBSV.

  • Match applicant Name, SSN, Date of Birth, Death Indicator directly to the official SSA Master File & Death Index
  • Used for any business purpose including employment screening with instantaneous results
  • Financial Entities are allowed to use e-signature after registering with the SSA
  • Best Guarantee Price Click for a free Demo. 
  • CBSV is permissible for...

    Any business purpose
    Strengthening due diligence
    Reducing unauthorized applicants
    Minimizing losses and bad hires

    CBSV is for...

    Employment & Tenant screening
    Accounts of any type: Clients, Members, etc.
    Loan origination: Auto, Personal, Mortgage, Deposit
    Security: SIU, Insurance, Forensic Accounting

    CBSV is...

    "Superlative Personal Identifier Validation"™ 
    Industry Standard Best Practice 
    Audited by QA and sent to SSA 

    Free Demo: Email or Call (956) 457-4116